Keyword campaign optimization tips

The gateway to connected keyword campaigns starts with joining the right community.  If you are offering Electronic products or services encompassing what customers desire, this community will help you showcase even further when you follow this keyword guide:

  • Call it, as you SEE it. - if you sell computers, tell us.  If you offer Electrical Services, tell us.

  •  Start with very obvious and precise words for your campaign​

  • End with words that detail your products if possible

  •  We gather your data most successfully with the following formula:{product category}, {product type}, {product detail}, {product detail}.

When keywords are fed to our algorithm in this manner, users are more likely will see what you offer.

Click the examples below to see how basic it is to ensure your product metadata and campaign keywords sync with viewers and what they will ultimately engage with.

*Note the first word you use is the most powerful.  The more words you use, the higher the chance of relevancy. 

Keyword  Example Gallery

Portable Speaker
electronics, speaker, portable, black
Streaming device
electronics, device, accessory, streaming
electronics,accessory, USB, hub
electronics, television, tv, hd, 4k
Mobile Phone
electronics, phone, mobile, cellular
electronics,camera, photography
Gaming Console
electronics, games and toys, console, video game, device,
Wireless Headphones
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Mobile Phone

electronics, phone, mobile, cellular