Keyword ad campaigns

Choose your category & call it, as you see it.

The difference between showcasing often rather than hidden in a pile of products is what you choose as your business type/category, followed by your campaign keywords.  While product metadata and campaign budgets also play an important role, they pale in comparison to the importance of showing the right product, at the right time, to the right customer.

The biggest and most common mistake most sellers make when they target their products/services to an engine is being too general.  The sections below are some of our popular categories.  If you've chosen "Shopping & Retail" as your category, this reads to our engine as you are an established brand that sells many things across many verticals.  Its very general.  Perennial success in this category will most likely mean you have top dollar ad budgets.

With other specified categories , you'll have a much easier time reaching more people that actually want to see what you offer.  Choose a section below that best describes what you offer.  Then use simple keywords to increase your relevancy to viewers/customers.

  • Clothing & Accessories

    Jackets, tops, bottoms, shades, shoes, scarves, ties, dresses, jeans, socks, underwear, hats, belts and more.

  • Furniture (indoor/outdoor)

    Furniture for the home.  This category is less likely to include appliances. 

  • Spa & Beauty

    Cosmetics, Barbershops, Medical Spa's and all other etceteras will be found here. 

  • Real Estate

    Home experts and services.

  • Food & Beverage

    All the ingredients needed to make a meal can be found here.  

  • Pet

    Dogs, Cats, Fish and even Tigers these days.  If its for Pets, list here.

  • Lifestyle

    The wide variety of hobbies and the equipment needed to live those hobbies are here.

  • Electronics

    Iphones, earbuds, gadgets, computers and others.

  • Home Improvement

    Tools, appliances, landscaping, indoor, outdoor and others.

  • Shopping & Retail

    Best served for the most established and high profile business with a variety of categories to offer.

  • Games & Toys

    Kids toys, video games, board games, dolls, puzzles and more.

  • Business Services

    Giving businesses a helping hand.  B2B is found here.

  • Kitchen & Cooking

    Pots, pans, seasoning, Chef services and more found here.

  • Medical & Health

    Medicine, vitamins, medical equipment and health experts use this category.

  • Jewelry

    Wedding Rings, bracelets, watches, ear rings etc.


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