Getting Started: Featuring your brand/service or products via video content partners

Simple and Unintrusive

BON2 is about creators and ecommerce Merchants working together. Unlike traditional television programming that features commercials every 15 or 20 minutes, we introduce your products, brand or services in a new, cost friendly and un-intrusive manner. Heres how you can start:

1. Register and verify your business through our portal. Or if you are a SHOPIFY merchant add the sales channel app to your dashboard.

2. If your are a SHOPIFY merchant, simply publish your product inventory and necessary descriptive keywords to BON2. If you've signed up through our portal, manually import photos of your products along with their keywords. After importing the desired products and descriptions, your storefront is complete.

3. Products are now "Shoppable and Discoverable" within video to our viewers when selecting products or brands relative to yours on the screen and as they engage with the "see related" tab. Links from your listings will prompt users to BUY NOW or to view more from your storefront.

*Products are listed by priority of ad campaign budget and keyword relevance*

4. When you want to Upgrade your products or brand to be seen more on BON2 channels, social networks and content partners you'll want start an Ad Campaign. Ad campaigns work a lot like Facebook or Google campaigns. The most impactful and significant difference currently is your brand/product/services are featured when there is interaction within video. Running the most effective Ad campaigns start with the keywords that describe your products and type of brand. You also can choose from the various content types that you'd like to be associated with or let our algorithm place you brand in its most effective videos.

BON2 charges per impression and/or per click as it is the most effective and cost friendly for our Merchants.

5. Currently, the most effective form of advertising for your storefront is by purchasing a "See Now, Buy Now" interactive video featuring only your brand and products from us at BON2 Studios. Your video will be featured on our BON2 website and video player. From there, you can share your video to social networks and your website without additional costs or obligation.