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    How it works

    A partnership with The Mass Media Marketplace simply put.

    1. Make your products available to the Mass Media

    2. Meanwhile - Creators tage their sponsored products for a sync to ecommerce sites

    For this example: Keywords entered for the sunglasses in the video are:

    (shopping and retail,accessory,sunglasses). Product Name: Tempo black orangery. Brand Name: Bonnie & Clyde Eyewear

    Viewers & Shoppers Engage with unintrusive advertising when a video is paused.

    We present shoppers with options to "Buy Now" or to "Shop Related" items from our Marketplace

    The Mass Media Marketplace syncs Creator & Merchant data to display related shoppable items.

    Using both on screen keywords & those from online merchants, we showcase relevant products/services to the consumer.

    Click here if you want to read more about Keywords.