Optimize your keyword rankings for Interactive TV.

Its much more simple to be a KEYWORD champion with interactive TV.

When you think SEO, the first thing that comes to mind is Google and the many practices that helps your website establishes a great presence. However, your website is not the only place on the web where you may be selling products. If you have products listed on other merchant sites like Facebook, Amazon or Ebay, you want those products found by would be customers just as you would want your site to show up first on any search engine that utilizes keywords. BON2 uses keywords to drive merchant discovery within video.Yes, video is king. But good video is a time consuming and tedious piece of artwork by people that are truly passionate about their craft. Which translates to more expenses for a custom video driving engagement for a particular brand or product. But what if making a video is not quite in your advertising and marketing budget? Cooking, sports, dancing, make-up, fashion and other items or categories are often featured in videos but for decades have been nameless or locked off. Inhibiting people, brands and products that are similar to what you see on the screen to be discovered.

BON2 allows merchants selling even the most obscure products with storefronts for our viewers to discover. Its an accessible video platform, so there are plenty of ways Storytellers or Influencers can lead an audience to what you offer. But KEYWORDS will be the ticket to regularly being found by would be customers. In a nutshell, BON2 utilizes a hybrid of traditional keywords used by popular search engines and what we call "Shot by Shot Connected Keywords" or SSCK. Every shot on our video platform is accessible to merchants and discovery because of the KEYWORD metadata associated with the icons that are seen when a user pauses at any moment. People perform all kinds of different searches on Google, many of which are navigational and informational searches. BON2tv on the other hand, caters to the transactional type of search. We assume that an end user may want to know more about the people, places and things in the video. Therefore we have informational and navigational queries built into our icons that give merchants the best shot at being discovered by a user who's intent is transactional (to purchase). When users pause videos and choose to see sponsored and relative items, our algorithm comes down to KEYWORD relevance, ad campaign budget and desired station programming placement. When running your ad campaign KEYWORDS entered for your campaign are HIGHLY considered. Here are some things to keep in mind to have the most successful KEYWORD entries to associate with BON2 searches and icon engagement:

  • Use the most obvious and important words first and unique item or branded words near the end. Dont repeat any words.

  • Include variations in spelling or synonyms.

  • Use singular and plural whenever you feel necessary.

  • Another important part of discovery is the PRODUCTS TITLE. You'll want to put the most relevant keywords for your product in the title.

  • Although one should avoid KEYWORD stuffing in your PRODUCTS TITLE so that your placement does not look spammy to BON2's algorithm. We will have to penalize your listing and thus impacting your discover rate.

  • Have a clear description of what your product is or does.

  • Mention ingredients and or essential materials. (inquisitive minds want to know)

  • Specify the color of your product. Try to keep color names as basic as possible. If you have dont know color names that well use this list from HTMLcolorcodes.com. This gives you a safe and relative way to easily connect your color KEYWORDS to our icons.

  • Clarify the size of the product.

Consider that you are trying to attract a customer, appease our engine and connecting with content creators who have placed icons. The more information that you have in the right areas aids a happy marriage of interactive TV and merchant marketplaces.