Merchant Policies


Understanding our policies

These policies provide guidance for how merchants using onsite checkout with The Mass Media Marketplace (BON2 Media Services and its Content Creator/technology affiliates) Storefronts should fulfill and ship orders. These policies also help merchants understand what type of support is expected after a buyer has made a purchase with The Mass Media Marketplace, its affiliates, and how to communicate with buyers in case they request a refund or something doesn't go as planned.

All merchants must comply with these policies, as well as the Sellers Account Terms Agreement.

Failure to comply with these policies may lead to various consequences, including but not limited to account restrictions, cancellation of orders, ranking changes, removal of the product, or refunds at a loss to the merchant. BON2 Media Services reserves the right to issue refunds where required by applicable law. Decisions on buyers' claims are governed by these policies and are made in BON2 Media Services' sole discretion.

Merchant Refunds for Installation & Ad Campaigns

Refunds are not given to vendors/merchants for installation of the app or ad campaigns submitted to BON2 Media Services, The Mass Media Marketplace or any affiliates involved.  There is no trial subscription.

Selling with Onsite Checkout

Order Fulfillment

If Order fulfillment is performed by Shopify. Please refer to these guidelines to ensure the best experience for you & your customers

Support & Refunds

Buyers must first contact the merchant to try to resolve purchase issues.

If a buyer requests a refund or has an issue with their purchase, the merchant has 4 business days to respond to the buyer and attempt to resolve the buyer's issue. If the merchant has not responded or resolved the issue after 4 business days, the buyer may make a claim directly to BON2 Media Services. Keep in mind that decisions on buyer claims are made in BON2 Media Services' sole discretion.

Merchants must accept returns of products that are new and unused and returned within the time specified by the merchant in the product listing for that purchase. The time specified for returns must be at least 30 days from the delivery date. Refunds must be issued within 2 business days from when the merchant receives the returned items.

Appealing a Buyer Dispute or Claim

Currently, this section only applies to merchants not individual sellers.

When a buyer is dissatisfied with a delivered product or a merchant's conduct during the shipping and fulfillment process, they can raise the issue with BON2 Media Services as a dispute or claim.  As determined in BON2 Media Services's sole discretion, buyer disputes/claims meeting the criteria in our review process will be refunded at the expense of the merchant. The refunded amount will include the full price of the item, tax, and shipping fees.

After a refund has been issued at the expense of a merchant, the merchant cannot appeal the decision.

BON2 Media Services will notify a merchant when a refund has been issued at the expense of the merchant. The refund is deducted from a merchant's pending payout. Merchants wanting to appeal a refund must do so within 10 calendar days of the notice of the issued refund. Resolution of disputes/claims are made in BON2 Media Services's sole discretion. Decisions about appeals are final and cannot be contested. If an appeal is decided in the merchant's favor, the appealed amount will be refunded to the merchant at a loss to BON2 Media Services.

Merchants are encouraged to submit information with their appeal that may help BON2 Media Services determine whether the merchant or buyer is at fault.


A chargeback occurs when a buyer contacts their debit or credit card issuer to dispute a transaction with the merchant. A buyer may file a chargeback for many reasons, such as an incorrect or unauthorized transaction on their card, not receiving the items they purchased, or being dissatisfied with the purchase but not being able to resolve the matter directly with the merchant.

When a buyer files a chargeback, BON2 Media Services will notify the merchant and put a hold on the merchant's account for the transaction amount and a $20 chargeback fee until the chargeback has been resolved. BON2 Media Services will review chargebacks and cover the cost of chargebacks that we determine to be related to a fraudulent payment, such as unauthorized purchases resulting from theft of credit card or account information. Merchants bear the risk of loss associated with all other chargebacks.

Responding to a Chargeback

Merchants have 10 calendar days to respond to a chargeback and submit evidence against the buyer's claim. The card issuer, not BON2 Media Services, will review the evidence and make a decision in favor of the buyer or merchant.

When responding to chargebacks, merchants should provide evidence that relates to the reason for the chargeback.

If the card issuer decides in the merchant's favor, the transaction amount and a $20 chargeback fee will be released back to the merchant's account with no additional fees. However, if the card issuer decides in the buyer's favor or the merchant fails to respond to chargeback within 10 calendar days, the transaction amount and a $20 chargeback fee will be deducted from the merchant's account balance.

BON2 Media Services may conduct additional investigations into merchant accounts that face multiple chargeback claims, and may take additional action to restrict the merchant's account. BON2 Media Services may also disable payments or take additional action to restrict the account of buyers who file fraudulent chargebacks.